If you are involved in a traffic accident, it’s essential to remain calm and, if necessary, put on reflective vests and properly signal any obstructing vehicles to avoid further harm.

If there are no injuries or significant damages, the easiest thing to do is to complete the accident report with the other parties involved. This is possible if there is an agreement on how the accident occurred and who is at fault. It’s crucial to ensure that all necessary information is provided on the accident report to identify the parties and their vehicles, as well as their insurance companies. It’s not advisable to delay completing the report; it should be done as soon as possible to prevent difficulties such as being unable to locate the other party or discrepancies in the versions of events. Additionally, taking photographs of the vehicles and damages can be helpful and should be done if possible.

Seek medical attention promptly, especially if there are injuries, as insurance companies may reject injury claims if more than 72 hours have passed since the accident.

If there are injuries or significant damages, notify the police or the Civil Guard to prepare an accident report.

Inform your insurance company about the accident within 7 days so they can initiate the necessary procedures.

In cases of injuries, medical expenses will be covered by the insurance company of the at-fault vehicle. The economic quantification is done using a legally approved scale, which will be discussed in another post.

When there are property damages, it’s important to note that, due to agreements between insurance companies, even if the other vehicle is at fault, our own insurance company will compensate us for the damages.

Afterward, it’s best to contact a specialized lawyer in traffic accidents who can advise you on how to obtain the maximum possible compensation and defend your rights. In most cases, car insurance policies include legal defense coverage, allowing you to choose a lawyer of your choice, and their fees will be covered up to the limit set in the policy.

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