Steps to Register as a Self-Employed Individual in Ibiza

Self-employed individuals in the Balearic Islands are subject to a series of regulations and legal obligations that they must comply with to operate legally. Some of the most important regulations include:

Registration in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA): Self-employed individuals in Spain must register in the RETA, which is the Social Security regime for self-employed workers. This provides them with coverage in areas such as health, retirement, and disability benefits.

Census Declaration of Commencement of Activity: Before starting to operate as a self-employed individual in the Balearic Islands, it is necessary to submit a census declaration of commencement of activity to the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT).

Licenses and Permits: Depending on the type of activity carried out by the self-employed individual, they may need to obtain specific licenses, permits, or authorizations to operate legally. This may include municipal, health, environmental licenses, among others.

Registry of Economic Activities (IAE): Self-employed individuals must register in the Registry of Economic Activities (IAE) corresponding to their main economic activity. This involves paying a municipal tax based on the activity carried out.

Invoicing and Accounting: Self-employed individuals are required to keep adequate records of their economic activity, including issuing invoices for services rendered or products sold. They must also maintain proper accounting of their income and expenses.

Taxes and Tax Declarations: Self-employed individuals in the Balearic Islands must comply with their tax obligations, which include filing tax returns such as Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and Value Added Tax (IVA), if applicable.

Labor Regulations: If the self-employed individual employs workers, they must also comply with current labor regulations, including hiring practices, workplace safety, and workers’ rights.

It’s important that if you’re going to register as a self-employed individual in Ibiza, you’re aware of all the regulations and legal obligations and comply with them appropriately. This not only ensures legal compliance but also contributes to the long-term security and stability of your business. Feel free to contact our firm, Roig Ruiz Abogados y Asesores, so we can assist you in this important step. Additionally, we are a Point of Entrepreneurial Support (PAE)!

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